Recent Conference Presentations

Recently, I’ve been focusing on the Computational Social Science area of my research program. Below are some recent presentations I’ve given on structural topic modeling and the ethical use of predictive algorithms for human services.

  1. Rodriguez, M. Y., Storer, H., Mienko, J. (2018, January) “The Perils and Promises of Unsupervised Machine Learning in Social Work Research: Comparing Human Coders to Computer-Led Topic Modeling”. Paper presentation at the Society for Social Work Research, Washington D.C. Link: SSWR_2018
  2. Chor, B., De Candia, T., DePanfilis, D., Rodriguez, M.Y., Shrof, R., Weiner, D., & Yaroni, A. (2018, January) “Opening the Black Box: Ethically Responsible Use of Big Data”. PreConference workshop at the Society for Social Work Research. Washington, D.C. Link: Email me for public version of presentation

  3. Rodriguez, M. Y., De Candia, T. & Pree, L.. (2017, December) “Evaluating Predictive Algorithms for Racial Equity: A Case Study of the NYC Administration for Children’s Services”. Paper presentation at the Workshop on Trustworthy Algorithmic Decision-Making, Arlington, VA. Link: Email me for public version.