Recent Conference Presentations

Recently, I’ve been focusing on the Computational Social Science area of my research program. Below are some recent presentations I’ve given on social media data use for intervention development.

Italics denote doctoral student co-authors.

Rodriguez, M.Y., Than, N., Yoong, D., Windel, F. (2020, July) Examining the flow of Disinformation in the Alt-Right: Towards intervention development. Paper presentation at the International Society for Political Psychology (ISPP). Berlin, Germany.

Nga, T., Rodriguez, M.Y., Yoong, D., Windel, F. (2020, June) Welcome to Gab”: Exploring Alt-Right Discourses via Structural Topic Model. Lightening talk presentation at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute. Victoria, BC.

Bates, G., Rodriguez, M.Y., Hoyos-Torres, S. (2020, April). Examining the Association of Hospital Proximity and Foreclosed Homes in Bronx County New York on Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) Hospital Visits. Accept4ed Poster Presentation at the Population Association of America (Cancelled due to COVID-19). Washington, D.C.

Rodriguez, M. Y., Bates, G., Hoyos-Torres, S., & Storer, H..(2020, January) Community Organizing in the Digital Age: An Exploratory Analysis of the 2017 #WomensMarch using Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). Paper Presentation at the Society for Social Work and Research, Washington, D.C.